Win free chips by completing our DropBot survey!


As some people on this list are aware, we’ve started a company Sci-Bots Inc. to commercialize the DropBot. The Wheeler lab’s recent field-studies in Kenya (May, 2016) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (August 2017) were our first attempts at taking Digital Microfluidics “out of the lab” and they forced us to redesign the DropBot to make it more portable and rugged. Sci-Bots now sells a new and improved instrument (DropBot v3) along with DMF chips that are compatible with either DropBot v2 or v3.

We’re reaching out to the DropBot community (e.g., anyone who has built or used a DropBot in the past) to get your feedback on what areas we should focus on going forward (e.g., hardware add-on modules, new software/hardware features, chips). We’d also like to understand how you use (or how would you would like to use) your DropBot, and what Sci-Bots can do to make Digital Microfluidics easier-to-use/more useful for you!

We’ve put together a short survey (it should take 5-10 minutes to complete). As a token of appreciation, we’re offering a 10%-off voucher applicable to future Sci-Bots orders and will enter you in a contest to win 5 free DropBot chips (a $500 value). The survey closes on June 22nd, 2018.

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