Questions about calibration of signal generate board


Hi everyone

I am working on the calibration of signal generator board.

In this part, I can directly write set_waveform_voltage and set_waveform_frequency to get 1V RMS in 1k or 10k waveform.

But I have problem with the coding of set_port(3,x,1).

I already tried many digits of x such as 1,5,10,100,150,160,200,1000.

it still displayed “Error 1” in Arduino Serial.

Do you guys have any idea for that? Or Is this a big deal for next calibration?

My second question is that should the signal generator get the 1V after calibration when I next time plug it into the computer?

To be specific, after calibration, I turned the whole system off and wanted to retest it again.

When I re-plugged the signal generator board, I didn’t type any code in Arduino and the oscilloscope directly displayed the wrong waves.

Then, I typed the set_waveform_voltage to 1V. The waveform was correct.

For this above situation again, should the signal generator directly display correct waves without any code typed when I second time test it ?

Furthermore, Is this a big deal for next calibration?

Thanks very much

Best Wish