Magnetic separation module


We’re starting work on a magnetic separation module for the DropBot. It is going to be based on an existing design by Alex Sklavounos from the Wheeler Lab, which features a permanent magnet mounted on a scissor jack z-stage.

We plan to drive the stepper motor using a Pololu A4988 driver (commonly used in the RepRap 3D printer community) and an ESP32 dev board which will provide control over serial, WiFi or bluetooth (and could potentially be programmed with MicroPython).

We also need a way to mount the DMF chip above the magnet stage. The plan is to design a connection adapter that will breakout the electrode actuation signals from the DropBot (e.g., something like this DropBot v3-to-v2-adapter).

Once we have a working system, it will be available for purchase on the Sci-Bots online shop. Until then, if anyone wants to share suggestions or ideas about the design, or if you want to follow along and build your own, please follow this topic and the github repository.