Cost breakdown to make a dropbot



I was wondering whether anyone has a cost breakdown to build a functional dropbot, and a list of a few chemicals that I might need to start a few basic functionality tests?



There is a basic cost breakdown on the dropbot wiki here. There is also a link to a discussion about this in the old group of what people paid for their builds. A rough estimate would be around $5000 USD for a full system from scratch.


Hi Earlence,

The DropBot v3 designs are available on github. The build cost is probably similar to the v2 but you do not need to purchase an amplifier, which should save ~$3,000. We have not published detailed build instructions, but if you are interested in building one, let me know and we can provide some basic documentation.

As for chemicals, it really depends on what you want to do. Propylene glycol is a great test liquid for just testing out droplet movement.