Can't recognize dropbot.


Hi all,

I’m in the signal generator calibration phase and after assembling the dropbot boards, I am trying to calibrate the signal generator. I have a problem, however, as microdrop will not recognize the dropbot on any COM I use. I’ve attached screenshots of the control board firmware and signal generator firmware. The Signal generator does not appear to receive power when the FTDI cable and Arduino USB are plugged in simultaneously.(Note: USB power jumper is disconnected when these two cables are connected.) The power supply does not turn on until the USB arduino plugged is removed. At this time, all boards(High voltage switching, control board, and signal generator) receive power, but the power LED’s all blink rapidly on all boards, and the Signal Generator blinks the programming LED as well. The arduino IDE shows a mess during this and the signal output is very unstable, ranging from 450mv to 1.16V with no response to commands through the IDE. I suspect this may be a power connection issue but am really not sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.