BaseNode library v 0.2 missing?



I’m building a DropBot and started to programm the microcontrollers.

Looking at the firmware for the Signal Generator Board, it requires the BaseNode library v0.2, but it isn’t included in the .zip file containing the firmware. Where can I get it from?

I tried using the BaseNode.h and BaseNode.cpp from the HV Switching Board, but it raises the following error when I try to compile it:

SignalGeneratorBoard.cpp: In member function ‘BaseNode::Version SignalGeneratorClass::config_version()’:
SignalGeneratorBoard.cpp:209:54: error: ‘base_config_settings_’ was not declared in this scope
uint16_t address = EEPROM_CONFIG_SETTINGS + sizeof(base_config_settings_);


I tried using both Arduino 1.0.5 and 1.5.8.

Thanks for any help,



Hello Christian,

The git repository for base-node can be found on the sci-bots github here:( . I have also attached a working copy of the firmware in case you still have problems.


Josh (101 KB)


Hello Josh,

thanks alot, it works like a charm now!

Sorry for any inconvenience,